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I was $475 delinquent on my Bancorpsouth Credit Card which was also serving as my overdraft protection. Because I was delinquent, the bank would continue to let me make DEBIT transactions.

For Example..."you have $50 in your acct. you try to buy $75 worth of groceries at Walmart...just decline the purchase!!! That's good business.

Not Bancorpsouth, they charged me $650 in overdraft fees!!! When I asked the site manager to please take some of those charges off, he so rudely replied, "We have to make our money somewhere"

I am so much more happier at Chase Bank!!!

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Wow that is horrible that an employee would say something like that.. They always say "customer service" is so important yet they treat customers like that. Bad business.


BancorpSouth simply deleted my online banking account because I did not access it for a couple of months. They continued sending my regular email notifications stating my statement was ready for viewing, telling me my account balance, etc etc, yet they deleted my entire account.

Tried to log in only to find out that I no longer have an online account. What kind of company simply deletes their customers accounts for no reason?

I'm closing my account and trying another bank tomorrow. :(

to I hate BancorpSouthOnline Jackson, Tennessee, United States #917869

They did that with my savings account!

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